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2013 is the year of how

Since the inaugural 4Front Conference, we’ve been building a plan to illuminate the path forward. A plan to ensure that Atlantic Canada is ready to succeed in the new and evolving global economy.

At the 4Front of Change: An Action Plan for Atlantic Canada is based on feedback from 4Front’s five working groups formed in 2012, and focuses on the five key areas below.

Read the full Action Plan, and comment on the five focus areas to join the conversation on how we’ll get there, together.

  • Panoptika Partners

    Going Global is necessary, because as long as we just keep passing our existing capital amongst ourselves, our fiscal resources will continue to shrink.

    I love the idea of conducting a strategic assessment of your own company to determine if you are prepared to compete globally and, if not, what do you need to add/change to be able to compete.

    Similar to the mentor exchange suggested in Innovation and Productivity,
    can we benefit from a bank of experts who can help companies work through this process. Many of the companies who could be poised to make a big difference in their area of expertise have very little experience with really taking a serious look at themselves. They have succeeded so far because they have an awesome product that fills a local or, at best, a North American need.

    I’m always tentative when someone suggests that “we” target specific sectors that are “champions”. I’m more in favour of survival of the most determined best ideas. If someone has a great idea, has developed a solid, customer-centric, business model, and has gained some traction…let’s all push (or pull) them along!

    Thanks for this module!

  • Olafur

    I once heard a very good definition of “being global” – “that of being local in many places globally”.
    How can Atlantic Canada companies go global, when Canadian financial institutions will not lend against collateral globally ?
    How can Atlantic Canada companies go global, when they have very little knowledge of and respect for international culture ?
    How can Atlantic Canada companies go global, when there are high barriers of entry for international talent ?
    How can Atlantic Canada go global, when the majority of the people, politicians, policymakers do not see the need to ?
    How can Atlantic Canada go global, when riddled with outdated government regulations and policies ?
    What does Atlantic Canada have to go global ?
    Best wishes

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