4Front Atlantic Conference

Halifax Has Growth in its Sails – Let’s Create 12,000 Jobs Together

July 19, 2012

BMO releases report on HRM – outlook for economy, housing and labour market: Unemployment rate expected to drop to 4 per cent by 2016, with 12,000 new jobs created Housing market performing well and residential construction well-supported BMO offering support…

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Re-branding Atlantic Canada

June 28, 2012

John Risley, President and CEO of Clearwater Fine Foods Incorporated, speaks with the Business News Network about how to rebrand Atlantic Canada to keep young people from leaving the region. Click here to watch the full video clip.

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What should happen in Atlantic Canada?

June 8, 2012

Participants rolled up their sleeves in break-out sessions to discuss in greater depth ideas that would help Atlantic Canadian companies grow their businesses locally and internationally. The breakout sessions were facilitated by team leaders: Talent Mike Ashar, President, Irving Oil…

Collections agency owner started the hard way

May 30, 2012

At 20, Krista Walsh couldn’t hold down a job. Walsh had studied to be a dental assistant but was fired three times in six months. “I didn’t like taking directions,” she said in an interview Tuesday from Montague, P.E.I. “I…

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Quark cranks out business startups

May 29, 2012

Think of Quark Engineering & Development Inc. as an innovation brain trust. Launched by Tim Burke, 39, and Stephen Hankinson, 30, Quark is part lab-for-hire and part intellectual property engine for churning out startups. Read more on the Chronicle Herald.

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Nova Scotia has a chance to turn it up a notch

May 29, 2012

MIKE LAZARIDIS, co-founder of Research in Motion, is one of the great engineers of our time. His BlackBerry smartphone has revolutionized communication. It’s fair to call him a practical genius. Yet speaking Friday to the 4Front Atlantic Conference, an effort…

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Why Atlantic Canada need not fear decline

May 28, 2012

When Statistics Canada reveals the latest data on the country’s aging population, Atlantic Canadians might be tempted to hang their heads in defeat. They shouldn’t. There is a positive future for the easternmost provinces, a future that could prove the…

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Region needs people, session told

May 26, 2012

Innovative programs are one way businesses can attract top-flight talent from across Canada and the rest of the world to the Maritime region. That was one of several ideas that were hashed out at an economic workshop that was part…

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Investing in ‘blue-sky basic research’ a must, RIM founder says

May 26, 2012

Unlike many of us, Mike Lazaridis remembers high school fondly. Indeed, the spark that would lead to global technology behemoth Research In Motion was lit within the walls of his southwestern Ontario school. “I learned a lot of stuff that…

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Innovation from farm to IT firm applauded

May 26, 2012

A humble blueberry grower in Oxford now operates the largest fruit farm in the world. A Bedford seafood and shellfish startup is now one of the biggest players in the global fish industry. A Saint John telecom worker now helms…

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Conference News

Time for Action: 4Front Atlantic committee responds to OneNS report

HALIFAX, Friday, February 14 – The 4Front Atlantic advisory committee welcomes the strong recommendations and urgent call to action detailed in the recently released report by the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy. The report titled, Now or…

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Immigration a buoy for Atlantic Canada

Today, structural trends and seismic events are reshaping economies, societies, politics, power and expectations around the globe. The future is hiding in plain sight, and the question before us is whether we have the wisdom to spot it, and the…

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Can the east coast economy be revived?

It’s been more than four decades since Kevin Lynch left Cape Breton Island to pursue a career that would carry him to the top of the federal civil service, as clerk of the Privy Council. Atlantic Canada, meanwhile, has remained…

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